2015 Beneficiaries

With the help of all Western Australians Telethon raised $25,854,254 in 2015. This was then distributed to 40 beneficiaries, including Telethon’s two major beneficiaries, Telethon Kids Institute and Princess Margaret Hospital for Children. As a result of this, Telethon reaches far and wide into the community of Western Australia and at some point touches most families in some way across the year.

Princess Margaret Hospital for Children

One of the principal beneficiaries of Telethon is Princess Margaret Hospital for Children (PMH), which is now regarded as one of the world’s leading paediatric facilities. Thanks to Telethon funding, PMH will be able to boost their capacity to deliver excellent care for West Australian children by providing a nursing scholarship as well as an allied health scholarship. The hospital will also employ two medical research fellows and an oncology fellow to help cater for the needs of sick kids.

Telethon Kids Institute

The world-renowned Telethon Kids Institute is responsible for many ground-breaking discoveries surrounding child health. Leading researchers at the Institute are working hard to free children from a number of diseases and conditions including cancer and leukaemia, diabetes, autism, asthma and infectious disease. The need to improve the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal children and families is also a priority research focus area. Current research projects funded by Telethon include early intervention for children with complex needs in remote communities and Marulu – Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder prevention study.

Telethon Speech and Hearing Centre

The Telethon Speech and Hearing Centre provide vital programs to help speech, language and hearing impaired children across Western Australia. The Centre’s Early Intervention Project provides the critical support services to children to ensure speech, language and hearing impairments are identified early and access to support is provided. This program will change the lives of speech, hearing and language impaired children by providing them with the gift of speech and helping them live a normal and productive life.


Telethon + Perth Children’s Hospital Research Fund

A joint research fund with Telethon and the Department of Health established to help improve health of adolescents and children. Research undertaken has included, children in neonates, childhood brain disorders, infant leukaemia, cystic fibrosis, autism, paediatric burn survivors and adolescents with depression.


Telethon Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre

Providing the ‘Growing Up with Type 1’ research project that aims to help families and provide support from initial diagnosis and adjustment.


Ability Solutions

Creating new opportunities for social and physical interactions to enrich the lives of children who require high care through the High Care Kids program. The program assists families and individuals maximizing positive social experiences.


The Ability Centre

Giving children and young people with cerebral palsy freedom and independence by providing equipment and programs to assist in everyday activities.


The Amanda Young Foundation

Teaching children at early learning centers and kindergartens and their parents the importance of basic hygiene practice for the prevention of meningococcal sepsis and meningitis.


Asthma WA

Saving lives through education of asthma management techniques via the Manage My Asthma Health Campaign. The campaign gives children and carers education tools to improve habits and knowledge along with creating a greater awareness of asthma in the community.


Australian Children’s Music Foundation

Positively influencing the lives of children and at risk youth in the Kimberley region through the WA and Kimberley Music Education Program.


Autism West

Developing essential skills such as social behavior and communication for children and teenagers with Autism Spectrum Disorder through the Holiday Program. The program caters for families living with autism.


Biorehab for Kids

Helping children with cerebral palsy and other movement disorders by providing advanced biomechanical rehabilitation therapy sessions.


Camp Quality

Funding the WA Primary School Education Program helping children understand cancer and giving examples of how to become a support friend to a person living with cancer.


Carers WA

Providing young carers aged 8 -17 with a break from their caring role and an opportunity to make friends with fellow carers and support one another through Young Carer Camps.


Cystic Fibrosis WA

Assisting with vital support services and programs to help children with Cystic Fibrosis through regional, hospital and home support.


The Dyslexia-SPELD Foundation WA

Helping children living in remote communities through the development of evidence-based, culturally appropriate literacy and teaching materials with the Ngaanyatjarra Lands of Language Development Project.


Edmund Rice Camps WA

Empower and inspire at risk kids aged 7-17 years through the delivery of multiple camps and activities throughout the year.


Foodbank WA

Providing disadvantaged kids across WA with nutritionally valuable food and healthy eating tips via the School Breakfast Program.


Heart Kids WA

Provide support, resources, understanding and information to the families of children with congenital heart conditions in regional WA.


Inclusion WA

Assisting families to participate in community inclusive programs for children with disabilities. Inclusion WA is dedicated to enriching the lives of people living with a disability by facilitating sport, recreation and community life.


Joondalup Health Campus

Development of the Telethon Children’s Ward at the health campus to provide better paediatric hospital access and care for local children.



Helping parents and carers of children with special needs through the Resilient Families Support, an online resource, personal and peer program. The program includes awareness raising, addressing barriers, provides ongoing coping strategies and sustainable support.


Kids Camps

Providing fun-filled, affordable recreation camps for children with intellectual disabilities and respite for their families.


Legacy Fund of Perth

Helping children who have lost a loved one in military service through various all year round programs and activities designed especially to help reach their full potential.


Make-A-Wish Australia

Providing medically urgent wishes to six West Australian kids giving them hope, strength and joy.


Muscular Dystrophy Western Australia

Improving the health of children with muscular dystrophy through the Muscular Dystrophy WA Practical Resource Project. The project provides a practical and informative service allowing families to concentrate on maintaining quality of life for as long as possible.


Ngala Community Services

Providing Growing Strong Brains toolkits for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. The toolkit is informative, interactive and works with community and family traditions.


Parkerville Children and Youth Care

Funding a paediatrician at the George Jones Child Advocacy Centre in Armadale who will provide services directly to high risk children and young people.



Assisting families of children with cancer who are in crisis or are experiencing chronic stress through the Support a Family Program. The program provides families with professional support along with strategies to cope emotionally, socially and to give practical tools as a consequence of cancer.


Riding for the Disabled

Providing unique horse riding therapies to help children with a variety of disabilities all year round. Funding will also build a seated gallery adjoining the indoor arena to allow viewing by parents, carers, siblings and volunteers.


Starlight Children’s Foundation

Transforming the hospital experience for seriously ill young people by providing distractions through the Livewire Facility and ward program at PMH. The Livewire program is a ‘medical-free’ haven for kids and teens providing a break from treatments and procedures. Examples of distraction spaces include music, cooking facilities, libraries, an art studio, Livewire TV.


Superfins WA Inc

Helping children with physical and intellectual disabilities to reach their potential in the pool through the high quality Learn to Swim program.


Therapy Focus

Giving children and young people living with disability freedom and independence by providing various aids and custom built equipment.


Thriving Physical Activity & Health

Helping children and teenagers affected by cancer, metabolic diseases and other complex juvenile conditions through a physical activity and health program.



Promoting independence through the Social And Life Skills Activities Peer Support Program (SALSA) for visually impaired children.


WA Disabled Sports Association Inc

Encouraging children with disabilities to participate in sporting activities through the Making Bigger Waves with Water program.


Western Australian Neuroscience Research Institute

Assisting in the funding of ground breaking research into childhood muscle wasting – Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). The research involves ‘genetic patches’ targeting gene defects to treat DMD.


Wheelchairs for Kids

Providing more disabled children with wheelchairs to help them gain mobility and independence.

Wheelchair Sports WA

Helping children with a physical disability build confidence, enhance physical and mental wellbeing and develop new skills through the WAWA Junior Participation Program.


Women and Infants Research Foundation

Helping the survivors of premature birth through various research projects including Preterm Birth Prevention Initiative this includes working with the Preterm Birth Prevention Clinic and the WA Pregnancy Biobank and EVE technology life support for extremely preterm infants.


Youth Focus Inc

Helping young people aged 12-18 who show early signs associated with suicide, depression and self-harm through community based counselling services across WA.