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Telethon 2018 is set to be a BIG one with a huge challenge ahead of us. If like us, you're already excited about it and can't wait to start raising money, we've put together some handy fundraising ideas to get your fundraising off to a flying start. Whether it's fundraising at home with friends and family, at school or at work, here's some great ideas!

Top fundraising ideas

Here's a bunch of top fundraising ideas we've put together to get your thoughts started.

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A little more effort

Here's a list of ideas that require more effort, but the rewards will be higher.

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Bunch of big ideas

For those of you who have BIG ideas, we've put together a list of ideas that will make lots of money

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Fun & easy ideas

We've put together a list of ideas that are fun and easy ways to raise money

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X-Factor night

Get your family and friends over for an X-Factor night where everyone pays to perform and everyone votes with money for the best performer. Or just have a Karaoke night where everyone pays to sing!

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Epic sporting feat

A swim-a-thon, walk-a-thon, mini golf-a-thon! If it's fun, anything with an "a-thon" on the end of it can be turned into a fundraising event!

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Do some chores!

You know you're going to have to do them anyway! So why not earn some money for them and get your parents to match whatever you earn for Telethon.

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Movie Night

Get your family and friends together for a movie night at your place! Charge everybody admission. Make money on the treats and sweets you supply.

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Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt for all your school friends or family with a prize at the end of the hunt. Get them to pay to be a scavenger.

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Dress up or dress down day

Get everyone at school or in your class yto have a dress up or dress down day, where they bring pocket money to school to donate to Telethon and get the chance to either dress up or dress down for the day. You could even come up with a theme that everyone follows.

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Trash & Treasure

Get everyone to bring toys and things that they're not using any more to school and set up a trash and treasure day for parents and kids to come along and buy stuff. Kids can sell old games they have finished with to other kids.

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Art Sale

Make some art and set up an art sale at school.

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Board Games Night

Get a bunch of family and friends over for a night of board games and other fun stuff you can do as a group. Split up into groups with people paying to play each game.

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