Leaving a gift to Telethon in your Will

Creating a legacy is more than simply leaving money, it is also
about leaving something of yourself behind for the next generation.

Each one of us can make our mark by leaving a legacy that will have an impact on the lives of children today and for generations to come.  You may never meet the children whose lives you have changed but their families will never forget your generosity.

A bequest made in your will is a practical way to provide meaningful financial support that may not be possible during your lifetime.  When you make your Will, your family comes first, however a gift to Telethon is also a gift to your family – a gift to ensure that future generations receive the best care and support right here in Western Australia.

All gifts – however great or small – are greatly valued and Telethon thanks you for allowing us to caretake your legacy.

Your gift will help discover cures and better treatments for many of the devastating diseases faced by our children.

Including a gift is an important decision but it doesn’t have to be complicated. To help you on your journey, we have made some of the information you might need available.

Discuss it over a Cuppa

Leaving a gift is a deeply personal decision and sometimes it helps to discuss it over a cup of tea or coffee.

To schedule a strictly non-binding and confidential meeting with a Telethon legacy guide call 08 9482 3974 or email Nicole Cherubino at nicole.cherubino@telethon7.com

Sinead and Hayley

Baby Sinead Engelbrecht was just 11 weeks old when her parents, Hayley and David, were told their baby would need a miracle to survive. Sinead had been diagnosed with a fast-growing, aggressive brain tumour.
Doctors gave her a less than one per cent chance of survival and said that if she did survive, she wouldn’t be able to walk or talk.

“Our worlds just came to a standstill,” Hayley said. “Everything stopped. All our lives were thrown into turmoil.” After being told it would be inhumane to put Sinead through chemotherapy and that it would only be ‘buying time’, they made the brave decision to proceed with treatment. Today, Sinead is seven years old and has been cancer-free for five years. Described by medical experts as a ‘miracle child’, she is thriving – living what can only be described as a normal life.

“Supporting Telethon saves lives”

Childhood cancer is the leading cause of death by disease of Australian children. Supported by Telethon, the Telethon Kids Institute specialises in research into childhood cancers. The ultimate goal is not only to reduce the number of deaths but also to find safer treatments.

Hayley is well aware that the ground-breaking research making such a difference to her family and others like them owes much to the generosity of Western Australians who have donated to Telethon. “Supporting Telethon inevitably saves lives,” she said. “You don’t ever think it is going to happen to you, but it might.

Jasmine and Madeline

Jasmine is one of many young people who experienced the Telethon Holiday Group at Autism West.

Funded by Telethon, the program gives young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder a chance to develop their interests and abilities, gives them opportunities to experience success and helps them to build resilience.
Jasmine’s mother, Christina, said the program has been a godsend for her family as Jasmine now has a “place” where she goes to during the holidays with friends. "She comes home and shares these experiences with us and her sister, Madeleine".

“The confidence, self-esteem and happiness that Jasmine gains from the program has been amazing”.