mix 94.5 Kids Appeal with Woolworths

Help the kids of WA while grocery shopping!

Monday June 17 - Sunday 30
mix 94.5 Kids Appeal with Woolworths

The people of Perth have a lot of heart!

In the last few years, you’ve helped mix94.5 and Woolworths raise over $1.5 million to help sick kids in the mix94.5’s Kids Appeal with Telethon.

Now, it’s time to show your love again! You can donate to the mix94.5 Kids Appeal at ANY Woolworths in WA every time you do your grocery shopping.

You can also purchase a ticket in the mix94.5 Kids Appeal with Telethon raffle –  grab some raffle tickets at Woolworths for only $2 per ticket AND you’ll be in with a chance to win free groceries for a year! There’s also thousands of dollars worth of gift cards to be won! Terms and conditions apply*

You have the power to change lives so give all you can because every cent raised goes to to helping the kids of WA.

Find your local Woolworths

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1. Valid from 10 June 2019 to 30 June 2019 Date of Draw: 12 July 2019
2. Total number of tickets to be printed and offered for sale: 100,000
3. Price to be charged for each ticket: $2.00
4. Results to be published in the The West Australian on 15 July 2019 and a copy of the
publication detailing results to be lodged with the financial return.
5. The financial return is to be lodged together with details of the actual revenue and
expenses within 14 days of the lottery “Draw Date”.
6. The permit holder shall not under any circumstances cancel the lottery and refund
monies once ticket sales have commenced without the written approval of the
Gaming and Wagering Commission.
7. The use of funds raised under the permit shall be solely used for the purpose stated
in the application for this permit.
8. The number of tickets printed must not exceed the number authorised by the permit
and shall be numbered consecutively from 1 upwards.
9. The price of every ticket shall be the same.
10. No person shall be permitted to participate in the lottery until the whole purchase
price of the ticket has been paid.
11. Every ticket shall have printed on it the:
* ticket number;
* price;
*name and contact number of permit holder;
* name of the organisation on behalf of which the lottery is conducted;
* permit number;
* amount, or nature and value of each prize (including any restriction that may apply
to any tour, accommodation or journey prize, and any expenses to be incurred by the
* date of drawing; and
* name and date of issue of the publication in which the results are to appear.
12. Money received for or on account of a ticket or chance shall NOT be refunded
without the written approval of the Gaming and Wagering Commission.

13. A written record shall be kept by the permit holder of the numbers of the tickets
issued for sale and the names and addresses of the person to whom they were
issued, the number of such tickets issued that have been sold and the number of
tickets returned unsold.
14. No person under the age of 12 years shall be permitted to sell tickets in the lottery. In
addition, when liquor is offered as a prize, persons under 18 years of age are
prohibited from selling or purchasing a ticket in the lottery.
15. Tickets shall not be sent or posted to any person for the purpose of sale to or by that
person, unless their consent has previously been obtained to either buy or sell tickets
in the lottery.
16. Every person who sells a ticket shall at the time of the sale, cause to be legibly
written on the butt of such ticket the surname and postal or residential address of the
ticket holder, or cause such details to be recorded in an approved register.
17. Tickets shall not be sold or offered for sale in any street, public thoroughfare, right of
way, doorway or any place where it is contrary to any statute or by-law, unless
written approval has been obtained from the appropriate authority.
18. House to house sales shall be conducted during the hours of 9am to 6pm, but not on
Good Friday, Christmas Day or the morning of ANZAC Day.
19. Solicitation of ticket sales by telephone shall only be conducted during the hours of
9am and 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am and 6pm Saturday and Sunday, but not on
Good Friday, Christmas Day, or the morning of ANZAC Day.
20. An Organisation on behalf of which the lottery is conducted (or a person acting on
behalf of the organisation) shall not purchase tickets or otherwise acquire tickets in
the lottery. (Does not preclude a member of the organisation purchasing tickets on
their own behalf).
21. The permit holder shall ensure all butts of tickets sold, the proceeds of such sales
and all other tickets issued but unsold has been returned prior to the draw.
22. All sold tickets shall be included in the draw
23. The prize winner or winners of the lottery shall be determined by the drawing of
tickets numbers or lots. The major prize shall be awarded to the first ticket drawn
excepting where the lottery is a Sweepstake or Continuous Draw Lottery as approved
by the Commission. If more than one prize is offered, prizes shall be ranked
according to the drawing.
24. The permit holder shall keep, or cause to be kept accurate and adequate records of
gross proceeds and obtain receipts or other proof of payment made for all expenses.
Such records together with ticket butts and unsold tickets shall be kept in good order
for a period of 12 months and be made available for inspection by an Authorised
Officer of the Gaming and Wagering Commission or Police Officer.
25. The permit holder shall furnish the Gaming and Wagering Commission with all such
information (including copies of documents) relating to the subject of the permit
including but not limited to information relating to the disbursement of moneys
(particularly the purpose or purposes to which they were applied) constituting the
gross receipts from the gaming or lottery the subject of the permit as the Gaming and
Wagering Commission may from time to time require.
26. The permit holder shall keep a copy of the “Standard Lottery Financial Return” for a
period of 12 months.

27. The lottery shall be conducted in such a manner that every holder of a ticket has a
fair and equal chance, in respect of every ticket or chance held by him or her, of
winning a prize.
28. The net proceeds of the lottery shall be used only for the purpose stated in the
application for the permit.
29. All prizes shall be delivered to the prize winners within 30 days of the completion of
the Lottery.
30. Requests for postponements of drawing etc, must be made in writing to the Gaming
and Wagering Commission at least 7 days before the lottery’s scheduled closing
date. This request must include the new drawing and publishing dates and a notice
must be placed in the relevant publication advising ticket holders of the