Perron Institute Hole in One Day for Telethon

Monday September 28 - Saturday 24
Perron Institute Hole in One Day for Telethon

Want to qualify for one shot at the $100,000 Hole in One on Saturday October 24 2020? Here’s how you can get your chance!

1. While using the driving range players have the opportunity to receive a Golden Ball through the automated system. 30 golden balls will be inserted at random into the hopper.

2. Players on the driving range who receive a ‘golden ball’ are requested to NOT hit the ‘golden ball’. Please return the ‘golden ball’ to the golf pro shop where player details will be registered. The ball will be held by the golf pro shop until the Hole in One event.

3. Participants will be advised an approximate hit-off time for the Hole in One hit-off on October 24, for the chance to win $100,000!

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