Stride Zero G: an Australian-first paediatric rehabilitation program

Posted June 7, 2022
Stride Zero G: an Australian-first paediatric rehabilitation program

When astronauts reach for the stars, they soar in zero gravity. Now WA kids with neurological conditions or injuries can take one giant leap too, supported by ZeroG – a world-leading technology that stops people falling as they undergo crucial rehabilitation.

ZeroG is a balance and support system that gives confidence to children every step of the way, as they practice walking and balance skills. At first glance the system looks like a body harness, but the simple appearance hides the extraordinary technology working behind the scenes.

Computer controlled supports move and adjust with every step to offer gait support and give children the confidence to strive further without the fear of falling over.

Mason, age 3, taking his first steps in the ZeroG at the Healthy Strides Foundation centre in East Victoria Park.

One of the kids benefiting from this life changing program is 3-year-old Mason.

Mason is a little fighter, his battle began even before he was born, when he suffered a stroke before birth. It left Mason with cerebral palsy, he now has epilepsy and regular seizures.

Mason has a bit more trouble walking than most kids his age, but now thanks to the ZeroG technology, this determined little boy has more in common with Buzz Lightyear than he could ever imagine – ZeroG is like a robot that helps him soar to new heights.

Mason’s mum Kate Dolling said the results have already been amazing, “We try and focus on the things that he can do and not the things he can’t, so seeing these things that he can do now with the ZeroG is just incredible and allows us to think about all the possibilities that are there for him.”

Mason suffered a stroke before birth, he lives with Cerebral Palsy and now suffers from Epilepsy. Pictured is Mason in hospital only days after he was born.

This incredible new technology is now available in Western Australia at the Healthy Strides Foundation thanks to the generosity of Mineral Resources Limited and support from Channel 7 Telethon Trust, but the equipment is only part of the story according to Chris Ellison from Mineral Resources.

“ZeroG brings together medical innovation and leading-edge technology to improve the therapy process for kids and young people with neurological conditions, providing independence and a better quality of life.”

Telethon is proud to partner with Mineral Resources to bring this paediatric-first to Western Australia.

A world class centre of excellence has now been established by the Healthy Strides Foundation in East Victoria Park with an Australian-first paediatric rehabilitation program called Stride ZeroG.

The centre has been the dream of Dr Dayna Pool since establishing Healthy Strides in 2018, together with 15 dedicated therapists and the support of Telethon, that dream is now a reality.

Mason, age 3, supported by Dr Dayna Pool and therapist during his first Stride ZeroG rehabilitation therapy session

Dr Pool, said Stride Zero G integrates the latest understanding of how the brain adapts and changes with rehabilitation technologies, to accelerate a child’s journey to independence.

“Stride Zero G has been the missing link in rehabilitation practices, providing the combination of current science and state of the art technology to create a bridge between therapy and real life,” Dr Pool said.

ZeroG is a new force helping WA kids achieve their maximum results.

Watch the 7news story to see the robot in action – here.