Supporting a life of possibilities

Posted March 19, 2024
Supporting a life of possibilities

Four-year-old Greta is cheeky, determined, loving and social. She loves music and dancing and is obsessed with The Wiggles.  

At 16 weeks gestation, Greta was diagnosed with Down syndrome. From the moment the Gribbon family received the prenatal diagnosis, Down Syndrome WA has provided support, information, comfort and community.   

Greta is a cheeky and determined four-year-old.

Greta’s mum Sophia said that they felt shocked, scared, alone and heartbroken when they received the diagnosis. But with proper support, overcoming those feelings didn’t take long.  

“Since being born, Greta has continued to show us that there is nothing to be scared or sad about. She is an absolute light and joy in our family,” said Sophia.  

Down Syndrome WA provides critical social programs and networks for children from birth to 18 years old and above, as well as family support, advocacy and resources. The association is an encouraging and nurturing community which supports children and families to grow and develop in a warm and supportive learning environment. It provides critical pre and post natal support and early connection with other families and support staff with a personal experience of Down Syndrome.  

Greta with mum, Sophia

Sophia said: “Without Down Syndrome WA, life would be a lot lonelier. It’s so valuable to have someone who can hug you, relate to what you’re going through and provide information, resources, support and community when everything feels overwhelming.” 

“You help us feel seen, and that our children matter.”

Telethon is proud to fund Down Syndrome WA to support a life of possibilities for WA children and their families.