2013 Little Telethon Stars – Jack Day & Tahlia Polmear

In 2013 our two Little Telethon Stars were Jack and Tahlia. They represented the kids of WA at Telethon over the weekend of 19 & 20 October.

Jack Day from Karrinyup (Age 11)

Condition: Cerebral Palsy

Jack was nominated by Jane Valentine at PMH who describes him as articulate, engaging and motivated. Jack has Cerebral Palsy Spastic Diplegia which means his brain sends messages through the nerves in his spinal cord telling the muscles in his arms and legs to go stiff. This makes it difficult for Jack to walk. Jack has been very courageous and has had many surgeries – now if he concentrates hard he can walk on his own. He has regular appointments at PMH with a physiotherapist, and will be having botox treatment soon as well.

Jack gets around a Segway and rides it to and from school next to his friends riding their bikes. He is says the kids and families at his school are amazingly supportive of him.

Jack loves going his family’s farm and riding motorbikes,swimming and snorkling. He is also huge Iron Man – he’s seen all the films and collects the comic books. He’s also a real bookworm and when he grows up he wants be a writer or . . . he wants to have Kochie’s job!

Despite all he has been through, Jack is resilient, inspiring and courageous and has a great sense of humour – he will make you laugh!

Tahlia Polmear from Esperance (Age 11)

Condition: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia

Tahlia was nominated by Vino Figlomen, the Pharmacist in Ward 3B at PMH. Vinu describes Tahlia as a very bright, intelligent girl whose positive nature inspires everyone and defies her young age. Tahlia wants to learn everything about her disease and the treatment involved.

One day Tahlia got a bruise that didn’t look right. Her doctor did some blood tests and diagnosed her with Leukaemia. This was a shock to her family as Tahlia had been a very fit and healthy kid. Just 4 hours after her diagnosis, Tahlia and her Mum drove straight to PMH from Esperance and soon after she arrived at PMH Tahlia started on chemotherapy. Tahlia lived at Ronald McDonald House for 10 months while she was having treatment – she met some great friends there.

Tahlia loves playing netball, reading, fishing, and going to the beach in Esperance. When she gets older Tahlia wants to be a vet or a paleontologist. Her favourite tv show is X-Factor so hopefully she’ll meet some stars from the show on Telethon Weekend!

Tahlia is sweet, brave and loves hugs from Fat Cat.