2015 Little Telethon Stars – Alyssa Bolger & Jayton Carter

Ten year olds Alyssa Bloger and Jayton Carter were our 2015 Little Telethon Stars.

Alyssa Bolger

10 years old
Autism, Epilepsy & ADHD

Alyssa’s story typifies everything that is wonderful about autism. She has had many challenges, but met them head on and, better yet, conquered them. Alyssa is quirky, funny, very talkative and highly engaging. She is mature beyond her years, and will be able to carry out the duties of the Little Telethon Star with aplomb. She is a wonderful ambassador for a large and often hidden section of our community.

She has a goal to start a YouTube channel with video reviews of Lego sets, games and figurines. Alyssa also likes PlayStation games (in particular mine craft and Disney infinity) and iPad games. She’s also a keen horse rider (she just competed in her first competition, a few weeks ago, and won her dressage event). Alyssa loves the West Coast Eagles and Fat Cat!

Alyssa loves watching Andrew O’Keefe on Deal or no Deal! And she’s very excited that Andrew will be hosting Chase Australia! (Both Alyssa and her brother Lachlan love game shows). She also likes Rick Ardon – when she was little, she would wait to see who was reading the news and would yell out “Rick! Rick!” if she saw Rick Ardon!

Alyssa’s favourite thing in the whole world is building Lego! She just loves getting new Lego sets and will sit in her room until the set is built! Her best build so far is the Simpson’s House. Alyssa also loves horse riding and making up new games with her little brother. She’s also loves singing…She’s quite likes a bit of karaoke every now and then. Alyssa also loves going to the movies and the drive in. She will count down the days if she is waiting for the release of a new film that she wants to see!

Alyssa has a very special connection with her little brother Lachlan. Lachlan is autistic as well and the two of them take on the world together! Her other favourite people are her Mum and Dad, her Grandparents, her cousins and all of her Aunties and Uncles. She’s also very connected to her dog Zappa. He helps her to relax if she is in sensory overload, and he is always by her side when she needs him. He is a very special dog!

Jayton Carter

10 years old
Cystic Fibrosis

Jayton is a very bright, outgoing and brave boy. He gets these outstanding traits from his family who are incredibly positive and supportive, letting absolutely nothing stand in their way! They are an exceptional representation of Cystic Fibrosis and Telethon. Jayton lives with this chronic condition but does not let it affect his everyday life.

He’s all about sport & physical activity! His mental health & attitude definitely declines if he is stuck inside, stationary for too long. Although he cannot play football, he is still part of the team, running water bottles, etc. He plays field hockey, basketball, tennis, running, swimming, cricket, tennis & dance. Jayton hates to miss out on school carnivals or sporting activities when he is not well and especially hates being driven to and from school, when it is raining – he would much rather walk (or run!)!

Jayton is very understanding of the old saying “there is always someone in a tougher situation than ourselves” and is always willing to jump in and get the job done!

Jayton is very excited to meet Fat Cat & Blake Johnson, and of course the sportsmen, Baz & Barra. He also loves Justice Crew & Sammy Jade and as a family, absolutely love X-Factor!

When asked who the most important people in his life are he said quickly and easily “Family because they nag me to do my physio & treatments, Friends because they keep me fit and competitive and our Cunderdin community because they support my family”.