2016 Little Telethon Stars – Cody Colmer & Hailey Ardagh

Each year, we select two fabulous kids to be ambassadors to represent all the kids of WA. In 2016, we introduced you to Hailey Ardagh and Cody Colmer.

Cody Colmer

6 years old, Albany

Meet Cody. This happy bundle of energy was born 4 weeks early. Cody and his mum were flown with Royal Flying Doctor Service to Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) after an extremely traumatic birth. At 8 weeks, Cody was seen by a physio for muscle weakness & suspected brain damage. He was later referred to neurology at PMH where it was discovered he had a hemivertebrae.

Ongoing care for Cody is by Orthopaedics, ongoing check-ups and he requires corrective surgery for his spinal condition which is the hemivertebrae at T12 , meaning half of his vertebrae is missing. He currently wears a specially made torso brace which is reviewed and replaced every few months.

The Cardio department review Cody for an aberrant right subclavian artery which has squashed his trachea in two places causing breathing issues from birth.

Cody announced in PerthNow/The Sunday Times on Sunday, 11th September
​Cody announced on Seven News on Sunday, 11th September
​Cody announced in The West Australian on Monday, 12th September

Hailey Ardagh

8 years old, Perth

Meet Hailey. This confident young lady was born with a profound bilateral hearing loss. This was identified through newborn screening. She entered Telethon Speech and Hearing Early Intervention Program and was soon fitted with Bilateral Cochlear Implants. She has been managed by Telethon Speech and Hearing staff throughout her life.

Hailey is now a thriving young girl in Year 3. Hailey has an older sister who also has profound hearing loss and bilateral implants.

Hailey announced in The Sunday Times on Sunday, 18th September
Hailey announced on Seven News on Sunday, 18th September
Hailey announced in The West Australian on Monday, 19th September