2018 Little Telethon Stars – Kaide Stratton & Charlotte Meredith

Each year, we select two fabulous kids to be ambassadors to represent all the kids of WA. In 2018, we introduced you to Kaide Stratton & Charlotte Meredith.

Kaide Stratton

10 year old Kaide was diagnosed with mucopolysaccahridosis (MPS for short!). Fortunately, Kaide was diagnosed with MPS IVA (or Morquio syndrome), probably the least severe of the spectrums. Morquio syndrome is a genetic condition where parents are carriers but show no signs. It’s a degenerative and progressive condition with no known cure and very rare impacting 1 in 250,000 births.

Kaide is a true inspiration. He shows so much courage and perseverance and will never give up. Kaide doesn’t understand anything other than top speed. He brings life to any group and will certainly leave this world having made an impression!

Charlotte Meredith

6 year old Charlotte was born with Congenital Heart Disease, diagnosed with Pulmonary Atresia with hypoplastic right ventricle.

At just eight days old was the first time Charlotte would be handed over to the cardiology surgical team for her first of several heart operations. At 10 months of age Charlotte returned to Princess Margaret Hospital for her second surgery and her first open heart surgery. Another surgery at 1 and ½ and in November 2016 at almost 5 years old had the completion of her Fontan.

Each and every surgery Charlotte has amazed her parents, and has developed in leaps and bounds surprising her family, nurses and doctors and cardiology team.

Charlotte is a quite achiever and often found tucked away in a corner of the house reading her books or writing, and often heard trying to be a teacher to her younger sister! We can all relate to Charlotte when she says she hates the rain and when she loses a game!