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Your generosity is improving the lives of children in WA.

In 2024, Telethon is proud to support...

Your generosity supports 136 beneficiaries

Each year, every cent donated to Telethon is granted to charitable causes and research that supports the medical, health and wellbeing and social welfare of sick, vulnerable and disadvantaged children in Western Australia.

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Your Kindness

Improving sepsis care and outcomes

Supported by Telethon, the Child and Adolescent Health Service (CAHS) will launch a new care pathway called ‘Road to Recovery’ to support survivors and bereaved families with individualised and culturally appropriate care. This initiative is the first of its kind in Australia. The program will also aid the CAHS Paediatric Sepsis Program, which is committed to rapidly identifying and treating children with sepsis who present to hospital.

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Nurturing WA families and their miracle babies

Born 12 weeks early, baby Alecia spent the first 60 days of her life in the neonatal intensive care unit. For parents Caitlyn and Wade, those first days were incredibly stressful, with the unknown journey ahead.

Fortunately, the Miracle Babies Foundation was there to provide them with much-needed support and guidance.

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Standing up for young minds in the Kimberley

Suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians under the age of 44, with 75 per cent of mental health issues emerging before the age of 25.

Over the past decade, zero2hero has empowered more than 220,000 young people in WA through mental health and suicide prevention education.

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Two life-saving journeys for one WA family

Having one child with a rare condition is challenging, but when a family receives a diagnosis for their second child, that wave of fear comes crashing back, now knowing the road that lies ahead.

Alannah and Bryson are the parents of two children born with a metabolic condition affecting their livers. While their journeys have been different, both have required life-saving transplants.

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Serving up better futures for WA kids

A hidden struggle is unfolding within the Western Australian community that affects one in three households. With the rising cost of living, this struggle is food insecurity – a reality profoundly impacting the health, education, and future of WA children.

The demand for food relief services is rising. The Foodbank Hunger Report 2023 highlighted over 388,000 WA households are grappling with food insecurity – up 80,000 in the past year. Among these, 120,000 are families with children. This is more than just statistics; it’s a daily challenge faced by many, often silently.

With Telethon’s support, Foodbank WA, OzHarvest and Bridge Builders Inc. aim to tackle this significant problem: children going hungry.

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