Thank you for your generosity WA

See how your record Telethon donations are changing the lives of our kids.

Your impact

Thanks to the generosity of Western Australians, this year Telethon will be financially supporting an incredible 136 children’s charities, beneficiaries and community organisations that are pivotal to advancing medical research and providing essential services, equipment and programs for sick and vulnerable children and their families all over Western Australia.

How you can help

Improving sepsis care and outcomes

Sepsis is a dangerous condition that can be difficult to diagnose and treat in children. The longer a child remains in septic shock, the greater the risk of death. Families who have lost a child to sepsis are left to deal with the heartbreaking aftermath. In contrast, survivors and their families may face lifelong health…

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Serving up better futures for WA kids

A hidden struggle is unfolding within the Western Australian community that affects one in three households. With the rising cost of living, this struggle is food insecurity – a reality profoundly impacting the health, education, and future of WA children. The demand for food relief services is rising. The Foodbank Hunger Report 2023 highlighted over…

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Nurturing WA families and their miracle babies

The tender moments of holding, breastfeeding and bonding after delivery can become a missed chapter for parents of premature babies. And the journey doesn’t end when their baby is discharged from hospital, the emotional weight is often all-consuming for many parents.   Born 12 weeks early, baby Alecia spent the first 60 days of her life…

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