Milly never shies away from a challenge

Posted October 12, 2022
Milly never shies away from a challenge

Milly is a kind and loving six year old who is very determined and will always try new things. She loves horse riding, swimming, drawing, writing and creating her own experiments. 

When Milly was only 15 months old, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. At first the family was understandably in shock but her parents Hannah and Chris were determined to give Milly the best life possible. 

Milly attended the Kindy Moves Program at Healthy Strides Foundation. Credit: Supplied by Healthy Strides

The family are committed to early intervention to ensure the best outcomes for Milly and juggle a weekly schedule of multiple intensive therapy appointments. Hannah says, “Every decision about what we do and where we go has to consider accessibility” and the family had to move to a house that had no steps and had space for all her equipment. 

Anisha (left) and Milly (right) became friends during the Kindy Moves program at Healthy Strides Foundation. Credit: Supplied by family

Hannah and Chris are so appreciative of Telethon, as it “has allowed Milly to have access to therapy through Healthy Strides Foundation that provide an evidence-based approach.” Milly enjoyed the Healthy Strides Foundation Kindy Moves program, which incorporates music and dance as part of her therapy. 

Telethon’s funding for Riding for the Disabled Carine has ensured more children like Milly can enjoy the fun of being outdoors. Hannah says for Milly, “Being able to ride a horse and leave your walking aids at the gate is very liberating”. 

“Your generosity puts a smile on West Australian kids’ faces everyday. Telethon shows what can be achieved when we band together.”

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