Patrick Majewski to be 2014 Little Telethon Star

Posted September 16, 2014
Patrick Majewski to be 2014 Little Telethon Star

SEP 14, 2014 Bunbury’s Patrick Majewski (10) has been chosen to represent the kids of Western Australia throughout Telethon 2014.

A lot of West Australian’s will remember the October 2011 family tragedy when Patrick slipped and fell over the edge of a cliff. His dad, Chris tried to grab him but they both fell over the edge falling twenty meters while holidaying with his family in Karijini. Unfortunately Patrick’s dad died at the scene.

Patrick was flown to PMH in a serious condition. He was in a coma, had internal bleeding, a brain injury and had broken his back crushing his spine.

Patrick spent two weeks in intensive care before spending the next ten weeks in ward 5 at Princess Margaret Hospital for children. When Pat finally woke from his coma he could not speak or communicate, he couldn’t walk or eat. He no longer knew how to swallow.

Patrick worked very hard as he knew he would never walk again. The entire family all moved forward helping any way they could with his recovery. Even his younger sister Izabel and brother Cameron went to therapy with him. Therapy consisted of hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

Patrick is now back in school with his normal class.

Western Australians will be able to meet and get to know Patrick as he takes on his important role as Little Telethon Star over the upcoming Telethon Weekend as part of the live marathon 26 hour broadcast on Channel 7 Perth and throughout the state on GWN7.