Top 3 Tips for parents of preschoolers

Posted September 25, 2015
Top 3 Tips for parents of preschoolers

SEP 25, 2015 Australia’s queen of common-sense parenting, Maggie Dent asks educators and allied health professionals what their top 3 tips for parents of preschoolers would be.

Maggie Dent is an author, parenting and resilience educator. Here she delves into the knowledgebank to give you the best tips on dealing with pre-schoolers.

So hard to pick top tips … after having written 5 books on parenting however my top 5 are:

  1. Love your children unconditionally – no matter what they do or don’t do – hold
    your heart open to them. It helps if you can love yourself the same!
  2. PLAY! PLAY! Play! And have fun while honouring the essential business of childhood.
  3. Create a supportive, caring village of folks who love kids, childhood and being a
    positive part of a family within a community. Value all children so that they can grow up to be ‘we’ people not ‘me’ people.
  4. See the world through your child’s eyes – so different to the view of an adult – it will help in building understanding rather than reacting or overreacting.
  5. Aim to be a good enough parent rather than a perfect parent – too much pressure in homes creates stress and tension rather than calmness and security.

Download the entire article (which is an awesome read with lots of tips to make your world with your kids richer).

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