What does inclusion mean? is the theme for World Down Syndrome Day

Posted March 20, 2022
What does inclusion mean? is the theme for World Down Syndrome Day

Loving and living with a child who has Down Syndrome goes on around the clock, every day in families around Australia.

Once a year, on World Down Syndrome Day, those families invite others into their world.

They hope to show people the joy they experience and to share their stories full of challenges, achievements and surprises.

For many parents a diagnosis of Down Syndrome comes as a shock. There are fears about the future and what life will be like for them and their child.

That was the case for Quade’s parents but six years after they welcomed him into the world their concerns have given way to fulfilment.

“I wouldn’t change him for the world, but I’d change the world for him to one where he is accepted as Quade and not as his diagnosis.” Said his mum Vikki.

That’s exactly what World Down Syndrome Day hopes to achieve.

At 6 weeks old Quade’s parents reached out to Telethon beneficiary Down Syndrome WA. It was life changing.

After being painted a dark picture by their paediatrician, suddenly a light switched on.

Family co-ordinator Nikki, who was living her own Down Syndrome story with her son Will, opened the door on possibilities and introduced them to other families walking the same road.

Today Quade goes to a mainstream primary school and like every other kid enjoys team sport, play dates and parties.

An extra chromosome means he has delays with speech and experiences some difficulties with learning, but he never gives up, he just takes the scenic route to get there.

Quade is very much his own person, every day he challenges stereotypes and helps re-write the Down Syndrome story.

Telethon is proud to support life changing organisations like Down Syndrome WA.