BullyZero: Empowering children to reduce bullying

Posted August 14, 2023
BullyZero: Empowering children to reduce bullying

Telethon beneficiary Bully Zero is Australia’s leading bullying prevention charity, having educated more than one million human lives.  

Funded by Telethon, Bully Zero delivers a powerful bullying prevention program in more than 75 schools to reduce bullying and its harmful effects on the wellbeing of vulnerable children in Western Australia.  

The program is focused on the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of children and families. It aims to improve behaviours, awareness and resilience levels to reduce bullying and conflict incidents, empower children with conflict management and communications skills and develop children’s emotional intelligence, enabling them to regulate emotions, use empathy and kindness and recognise if they need support. As a result, less children experience anxiety, depression, stress, physical injuries, mental health issues, self-harm and suicide due to bullying.  

When Anne Silva discovered her son Noah had been bullied, she was in disbelief.   

“I didn’t think it would actually occur with my son. I was mortified. I feel fortunate that Bully Zero helped us during that period. Had it not been for this organisation, these issues would potentially be ongoing at school. Let’s put an end to bullying for kids now and future generations,” Anne said. 

As part of its program in schools, Bully Zero delivers powerful interactive presentations, role-playing activities, inclusive discussions, resources and reflections to students and teachers. During the sessions, students enhance their problem-solving abilities, resolve conflict and shift their perspectives.  

Telethon is proud to support Bully Zero and its powerful programs to help children, families and communities to feel safer, stronger and happier.