Meet Kian: a diagnosis doesn’t define a future

Posted October 11, 2022
Meet Kian: a diagnosis doesn’t define a future

Kian is a very social and positive 12 year old with a never give up attitude. 

He was born premature at 29 weeks and was fighting from the moment he came into this world. He remained in the neonatal ward at King Edward Hospital for 11 weeks and doctors, specialists and hospital visits have become part of everyday life.

Kian is incredibly social and enjoys learning most sports. Credit: Supplied by family

At six months old, Kian was diagnosed with spastic diplegia cerebral palsy requiring significant therapy sessions. It was a very challenging time for the Leverett family who weren’t familiar with cerebral palsy and sometimes all the information can be overwhelming.

His mum Karen said, “I worried immediately about what the future would hold for our baby son, would he walk, would he talk?” Therapy appointments became more regular and his family had to juggle work with two other siblings. 

Kian has a very special bond with his two siblings, Grace and Finley. Credit: Supplied by family

Kian adores his 13 year old sister Grace who is always there for him and enjoys playing with his 9 year old brother, Finley. He loves his quad bike, swimming, cycling, going to the gym but most of all gaming. 

His mum Karen says that Kian, “has such a positive attitude who likes to try everything and anything, nothing will get in his way.” 

Kian participating in wheelchair basketball at Telethon 2021. Credit: Matt Jelonek

She is appreciative of the support from Telethon beneficiaries including the Healthy Strides Foundation and Rebound WA who make sure his therapy is enjoyed and not endured. 

Thanks to the generosity of West Australians, Telethon is able to support innovative programs and fund advanced technologies for these organisations which strive for positive outcomes for WA kids and support families while they navigate an uncertain journey.

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