Meet Laz: named after our first-ever Little Telethon Star

Posted June 21, 2022
Meet Laz: named after our first-ever Little Telethon Star

Formerly known as Major Survivor, Telethon was given the opportunity to pick a new name for the racehorse – paying homage to their first-ever Little Telethon Star, who is a major survivor herself.

In March, Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) Carine was able to purchase six-year-old Major Survivor thanks to Telethon funding. In recognition of the support, RDA Carine asked Telethon to rename the horse.

Riding for the Disabled Association Carine Head Coach Sarah Lamb with Laz. Credit: Supplied

Recently starring at a special event, Major Survivor was renamed ‘Laz’ in honour of Maryanne Lazarides, who was the youngest person to have open heart surgery at the age of 11 months in 1968 due to congenital heart disease. She will be 55 this year.

1968 Little Telethon Star, Maryanne Lazarides. Credit: The West Australian/Graeme Dalton

RDA Carine supports children with disability through equine-assisted therapy. This encompasses a range of treatments that involve activities with horses to support physical development and positive mental health in children.

Having operated for more than 40 years now, it is the largest of the state’s RDA centres, with around 154 clients attending sessions weekly.

The warmth and three-dimensional movement of the horse is transferred to the rider’s body, making it more relaxed and supple, strengthening core stability and improving balance, posture and coordination.

“Many people think we offer a pony ride, but there is so much more to it than that,” RDA Carine Head Coach Sarah Lamb said.

“There really is nothing like sitting on a horse. We create a very safe feeling within the centre and, therefore, we just see people blossom on a daily basis.”

Roy Hill has been an ongoing supporter of Telethon for many years and recently had the chance to see first-hand the impact its contribution was having towards creating brighter futures for our children.

Two Roy Hill families – Narelle and her 15-year-old daughter Zoe, along with Gavin and his two sons Sean and Liam – were given the opportunity to experience the horse-led therapy.

Gavin and his son Sean (left), and Narelle and daughter Zoe (right) pictured with Laz. Credit: Supplied.

Telethon-funding will allow RDA Carine to expand their Hippotherapy and Therapeutic Riding Programs with the inclusion of Laz in their stables.

Find out more about RDA Carine here.