Nurturing WA families and their miracle babies

Posted April 18, 2024
Nurturing WA families and their miracle babies

The tender moments of holding, breastfeeding and bonding after delivery can become a missed chapter for parents of premature babies. And the journey doesn’t end when their baby is discharged from hospital, the emotional weight is often all-consuming for many parents.  

Born 12 weeks early, baby Alecia spent the first 60 days of her life in the neonatal intensive care unit. For parents Caitlyn and Wade, those first days were incredibly stressful, with the unknown journey ahead.  

Fortunately, the Miracle Babies Foundation was there to provide them with much-needed support and guidance. 

Caitlyn said: “I was fortunate to have a visit from Miracle Babies when I was struggling the most. It helped so much having someone who had been through similar events to talk to and share stories to know we weren’t alone.”  

Alecia’s journey was not without its challenges. During a routine head scan, an abnormality was found in her brain. An MRI later confirmed that Alecia’s brain hadn’t developed properly, causing a neuronal migration disorder.  

By seven months of age, Alecia was diagnosed with cerebral palsy affecting three of her four limbs, her core, and her fine motor skills.  

With the continual support from Miracle Babies, Caitlyn and Wade were able to prepare as much as they could for a diagnosis and had already organised early intervention to help Alecia reach her milestones. 

“This journey has not been possible for us without the love, support and guidance of the most amazing volunteers who spend so much of their own time and resources,” said Caitlyn. 

The Miracle Babies Foundation’s Nurture Program is Australia’s only comprehensive parent-to-parent support program, providing vital peer support and education throughout a family’s hospital journey and for years beyond.  

Telethon funding enables Miracle Babies to support WA families of premature and sick babies, providing hope, guidance and connections to others who have walked in their shoes.