Sensorium Theatre sparks imagination through theatre and play

Posted July 17, 2022
Sensorium Theatre sparks imagination through theatre and play

The Sensorium Imaginate program by Sensorium Theatre is unique in Australia and aims to improve the wellbeing of children with a disability, by sparking their imagination and celebrating their abilities.

Caption: Exploring objects together helps to create a stronger bond and shared experience between children and their carers.

They do sensory readings of popular children’s books bringing the joy of reading and stories to children with disability by removing barriers to understanding and engagement.

Sensorium Theatre doesn’t just break the rules – it smashes them!

During a session children do not have to be still and quiet but are encouraged to interact, express and be themselves.

Caption: Exploring the detail of bark and other natural objects connects children with the real-world aspects of story and their environment.

For the audience, what something feels like to touch can be just as important to the story-telling as how it looks or sounds. Audiences, actors, props and staging meld into one to create a place of extraordinary experiences, where ability is only limited by imagination.

From the moment children arrive in their classroom to experience a Sensorium performance they know it’s going to be special.  As the name suggests, it’s all about the senses and interaction helping to bring stories to life. No show is ever the same because it’s the kids who craft the story telling with the help of the actors.

Caption: The magic of the Bear Hunt forest is brought to life, with leaves and scented cork transporting this young child to a place of joy.

“Sensorium Theatre’s unique and pioneering style of interactive theatre creates joyful spaces for enhanced wellbeing, learning through play, and developing social connections.” – Sensorium Theatre.

Caption: Delight and laughter abound as this young child shares their playful exploration of scented herbs and plants.

The team from Sensorium have been creating magical experiences for WA kids for more than a decade. The philosophy is simple, allow every child the chance to be touched by theatre.

Sensorium Theatre started in Perth but has now been experienced by kids across the globe from the Sydney Opera House to the Lincoln Theatre in New York, but despite world-wide acclaim they will always be happiest treading the boards in classrooms across WA.

Caption: Children cuddle their bears whilst Sensorium Theatre’s theatre artists sing and use a range of non-verbal communication tools to share the excitement of the Bear Hunt story.

“We love seeing children’s imaginations spark into life through sharing our love of theatre and play. It brings us great joy to facilitate a sensory-rich environment that both brings children and their circle of care together and allows space for unique abilities to emerge,” Annabel said.

Over the years kids of all abilities have escaped the realms of reality to fly through space or find hidden treasures on a beach, helped by the generosity of West Australians through Telethon.

While the success of some theatre is measured by the box office or critical acclaim, Sensorium’s best review is smiles and laughter.