Telethon helping to forge lasting friendships

Posted March 16, 2023
Telethon helping to forge lasting friendships

Down syndrome often presents in different ways. What does not differ is every child’s right to live a meaningful life that’s filled with happiness, personal growth, inclusion and connection. 

It is estimated that there are 290 babies born with Down syndrome each year in Australia. Two of them – best friends Zoe Brown and Elliot Bicker – have formed an unbreakable bond. 

Best friends Zoe Brown and Elliot Bicker – have formed an unbreakable bond.

Six-year-old dancer Zoe and six-year-old nature lover Elliot connected at Down Syndrome WA when they were just three months old. Zoe and Elliot have an incredible way of communicating with each other with gestures. 

Six-year-old Zoe Brown

When Zoe and Elliot were born, their families were thrown into a world they wouldn’t ever have expected. But now their worlds are brighter than ever before. Between juggling therapy, health, hospital stays and balancing other family needs, Zoe and Elliot’s friendship has been a shining light. 

Nature lover Elliot Bicker.

Parents Tracey Bicker and Amy Brown couldn’t imagine life without Down Syndrome WA.  

They said: “Down Syndrome WA is where we have met so many of our closest friends and their families. Without this support, life would be lonely and isolating. We’re so grateful to Down Syndrome WA and Telethon for helping to make life easier for families when they need it most. Thanks to Telethon’s support, we’re excited to see our children go on holidays and grow into independent young adults together.” 

Zoe and Elliot met when they were just three months old and have remained friends ever since.

Friendships are not only important to children, but also to parents and families. Like Zoe and Elliot, their mothers Tracey and Amy share a close connection. They lean on each other for comfort, care and support. They celebrate every milestone, big or small, and talk about therapies and hospital visits. 

Down Syndrome WA has been a Telethon beneficiary for 8 years. This year, Telethon’s vital support will enable Down Syndrome WA to build better and brighter futures for more than 50 WA children and families through playgroups, outdoor games, sensory tools, support, resources and information.