Emily Prior to be 2014 Little Telethon Star

Posted September 16, 2014
Emily Prior to be 2014 Little Telethon Star

SEP 28, 2014 Kingsley girl Emily Prior (7) is one of our two Little Telethon Stars for 2014.

Twins, Reese and Emily were born 29 weeks prematurely in 2007 and spent the first eleven weeks of their life in the intensive care unit at Princess Margaret Hospital for children. Emily weighed only 1.1 kilograms and Reese weighed 1.2 kilograms when they were born (imagine holding a 1kg packet of flour in your hand – it’s just a little more than that).

At four weeks of age Emily had a brain scan, and the doctors discovered she had suffered a small bleed on the brain and as a result would most likely have cerebral palsy. Emily was immediately immersed in therapy and early intervention. She has amazingly learnt to walk assisted and is taking steps on her own. Emily’s mum Jen says “Watching your child take those first steps is breathtaking”.

At the age of two, Emily commenced botox treatment.

Western Australians wil be able to meet and grow to love Emily over the upcoming Telethon Weekend as part of the live marathon 26 hour broadcast on Channel 7 Perth and throughout the state on GWN7.