Isaac Thomas: A father and teacher changing the culture of a school

Posted September 3, 2022
Isaac Thomas: A father and teacher changing the culture of a school

Isaac Thomas is a father of five beautiful young women and a teacher changing the culture of a school.

He can now add Australian Sports Father of the year to his impressive list of accolades.

Isaac and his five daughters. Credit: supplied.

Over 10 years, he has transformed the culture of a public high school which faced its own challenges to one with considerable pride and leadership in community fundraising for children less fortunate than themselves.

Thanks to his initiative of a ‘Tryathon’; Isaac has championed cohorts of young adults to practice gratitude and selflessness whilst helping to raise funds for kids less fortunate. These cohorts have collectively raised over $275,000 for Telethon and are on track to smashing through the $300,000 mark with this year’s event.

Isaac and two students from Rockingham Senior High School donating $47,000 to Telethon in 2021. Credit: Viva Photography

Isaac’s colleagues describe him as ‘more than a teacher’, he is a life coach. He inspires his students to think and care about others and how they can be of service to their community. He continually reinforces that the world is a big place and times are tough for many, but you can always make a difference by giving whatever you have, when you can.

A humble man, Isaac takes no credit for the incredible movement and culture he has built within the school and out in the community through local businesses who have got on board to help grow the impact of the Tryathon. His colleagues refer to him as a one man band – planning, promoting and seeking sponsorship from businesses to support his cause.

His drive and burning desire to help instil gratefulness and give students an experience they will never forget fuels him each and every year.

Michelle, a colleague, says “that the students are the absolute winners of Isaac’s efforts. The pride they show when they can contribute to help making a difference radiates from them.”

Isaac’s profound love for helping the community extends outside of his job.

His daughters take the day off to join the Tryathon every year. From instilling the importance of the run, it’s become an event the family participates in and looks forward to.

He plays and coaches Rugby in his spare time. Some of his past students are now his team mates but still refer to him as ‘sir’ as a sign of the deepest respect. His colleagues echo this sentiment ‘saying that Mr Thomas will be that teacher that students remember throughout their entire lives’.

Isaac is proud of the annual event and programs he has played a role in making so successful. He is passionate about teaching the next generation about selflessness and paying it forward. His unwavering energy is contagious and the culture he has brewed over 10 years is now permeating the local community and has changed an entire school.

What Isaac has created is magic.

The 2022 Tryathon fundraising event is scheduled for later this month.

He has opened the student’s and the community’s minds to being of service and it is evident that the community will continue to put others before themselves because of the lessons he has instilled.

Telethon nominated Isaac in The Australian Fathering Awards by The Fathering Project and were thrilled when they announced Isaac was the winner of the Australian Sports Fathers of the Year Award for 2022.

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