Providing support and care for the rarest conditions

Posted February 28, 2024
Providing support and care for the rarest conditions

Hannah’s House exists to provide care, comfort and joy to children with life-limiting or complex conditions and their families.  

Everleigh is an adorable baby girl with a love for the outdoors. She loves being at the park, at the beach, listening to the birds and feeling the sea breeze on her hair.  

Everleigh began having seizures within the first 24 hours after birth. She has since continued to have more than 30 daily seizures and requires constant care.

At nine months old, she was diagnosed with WOREE syndrome, a rare neurodevelopmental disorder that affects every part of her life and daily interactions.  

With severe global developmental delays, impaired vision and hearing and deficient muscle tone, Everleigh requires a feeding tube and will never be able to sit, crawl or stand.  

Everleigh’s mum Stacy said her diagnosis impacted all aspects of their family’s lives, from work to finances, relationships, travel and friendships.  

“It has required us to change how we go about our daily living to ensure Everleigh is always well cared for, safe and comfortable. Every day requires forward planning, organising and support from family, friends and Hannah’s House,” Stacy said.  

Everleigh loves to be in the water

Hannah’s House Quality of Life for Kids with Complex Needs program is a child and family-centred service that offers practical and psychosocial support. Families receive vital in-home respite care from a Hannah’s House Support Worker or Registered Nurse through this program.   

Stacy said: “With the support of Hannah’s House, I can run errands without putting Everleigh at risk or making her uncomfortable. It also gives me a much-needed break to enjoy a cup of coffee or catch up with a friend to help with the mental stress of daily life.”  

Telethon is proud to support Hannah’s House to help children and their families live their best quality of life by delivering in-home care, play programs, education and other complementary supports.