Standing up for young minds in the Kimberley

Posted April 18, 2024
Standing up for young minds in the Kimberley

Suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians under the age of 44, with 75 per cent of mental health issues emerging before the age of 25. 

Over the past decade, zero2hero has empowered more than 220,000 young people in WA through mental health and suicide prevention education. 

For 17-year-old Mekhi, the Camp Hero program was life-changing. 

“This program created some of my best memories and lifelong connections. I felt like I exhaled and finally got to breathe once I was part of zero2hero.” 

In its first year as a Telethon beneficiary, zero2hero turns its focus to the Kimberley, where the state’s highest rate of hospitalisation for self-harm in those aged 0 to 24 demands urgent attention. 

“Studies show the leading cause of death or ill-health for young people in the Kimberley is suicide and self-inflicted injuries,” Partnerships and Fundraising Manager Oscar Wharton said.

“Nothing is hurting young people more in the region than poor mental health.”   

Telethon’s funding will support zero2hero’s delivery of free mental health workshops to local schools, free suicide prevention workshops to the community, and sponsor 20 young individuals to attend Camp Hero LEADERSHIP – a life-changing flagship camp equipping young leaders with practical skills to positively support others who may be struggling.