Tony’s Brow Crop for Telethon

Posted September 21, 2021

Could Perth’s most famous eyebrows be about to get the chop? Spud King Tony Galati says they could – on the proviso that supporters and customers of Spudshed chip in $500,000 towards this year’s Telethon.

In putting his lush brows up for removal, Mr Galati said he reflected on his fortunate position, as a father and grandfather of a healthy family.

“Family is incredibly important, and we should all be doing our part to help those families that are in need,” Mr Galati said.

“Spudshed has been a long-time supporter of Telethon, and I personally wanted to give something to support the cause this year, in the same way that the WA public has supported me and Spudshed.

“No-one would want the old blue shirt off my back – but I hope these eyebrows can do a lot of good for the kids of WA.”
Should the target be reached, then Tony’s eyebrows will meet their maker live on the Telethon Stage on Sunday night of October 17.

“I can’t say I’m looking forward to it,” Tony says of the impending date with destiny. “These caterpillars have been an integral part of my look for nearly 60 years now. But for those kids in need to get half a million dollars – surely it’s got to be worth it!

“As we like to say at Spudshed: I grow it, you donate – and I will harvest these brows!”